Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

"marketbeaters.se" and related websites are provided by the Swedish company MarketBeaters AB ("We", "Us" or "MarketBeaters") with organisation number 559102-0325. The following terms and conditions of use are intended to inform you ("You" or the "User") about the conditions under which MarketBeaters' offer its services.

1. Functionality

2. User of MarketBeaters' sites

2.1. Registration. You must provide correct personal data when you register to the sites. Your registration and your account is personal and may not be transferred to or be used at any time by any third party. You will log in to the sites by using your personal log in data, from one device only. You will be entirely responsible for all measures taken in the use of your account. You should notify FUIL without delay if you suspect unauthorised access by a third party to your account.
2.2. As a registered user with MarketBeaters, you have the right to, at your discretion, navigate through the available content in our application.
2.3. Any user accepts to use the site in accordance with its general conditions of use. MarketBeaters does not provide any warranty as to the duration of the services offered to its users and reserves the right to withdraw or amend them at any time.

3. Limitations of Liability

3.1. Content and right thereof. Although MarketBeaters aim at all times keep the application and marketbeaters.se updated, we cannot be held liable for errors, inaccuracies and omissions or connection problems to any given time. The site shall be used for personal purposes only, and any commercial use of the site is prohibited. It is prohibited to publish, reproduce or broadcast in any way whatsoever all or part of the content displayed on the site, whether in editorial, oral, graphic or pictorial form, without MarketBeaters' prior written consent.
3.2. Accuracy in tips. MarketBeaters provides tips on sporting event outcomes, which may or may not be used for real money gambling. Since gambling involves an element of risk, a gambler runs the risk of losing money or to suffer psychological harm. Such gambling is done at the gambler’s own risk and MarketBeaters accepts no liability for non-favorable outcomes and realized losses (monetary or other) as a result of following the provided tips on its sites. The tips are provided, via MarketBeaters, to the user by Tipsters. The Tipsters have been selected by MarketBeaters based on past performance, knowledge and experience in the betting field. However, you should be aware that the Tipsters’ past performance is no warranty of their future performance.
3.3 Shortfalls in service. MarketBeaters does not accept any liability for accidental disruptions of service, such as (but not limited to) site uptime, erroneous tips communications or notifications (such as email, SMS or other push services) failing to reach its intended addresses.

4. General limitations

4.1. Order refusal & cancellation. MarketBeaters reserves the right to refuse, without being liable for any damage or costs, an order already accepted by us in the following situations, without limitation;
4.1.1. Your billing information is not correct or not verifiable;
4.1.2. We have reason to believe you are under 18;
4.1.3. We have reason to believe that an order is susceptible to fraud;
4.1.4. We have reason to believe that the information provided is passed on to a third party;
4.2. Except otherwise stated hereinafter, the user acknowledges and agrees that no right of withdrawal or any refund of any kind is granted to the User as part of these Terms & Conditions.

5. Intellectual property rights

5.1. Copyright. The content on the MarketBeaters sites may be subject to copyright rules and regulations and be the property of a third party, such as MarketBeaters, without limitation. It is prohibited to copy, present or broadcast all or part of any content without the relevant third party’s or MarketBeaters' prior written consent.
5.2. Trademarks & Brands. The brands which appear on the site are trademarks (registered or not) belonging to MarketBeaters or other trademarks belonging to third parties. Any reference to the trademarks on the sites shall not explicitly or implicitly constitute any right, license or authorization to use such trademarks without the specific and prior written consent of MarketBeaters or the relevant third parties. Any use of the Trademarks appearing on the site and for which MarketBeaters or the relevant third party has not given its specific and prior written consent shall be strictly prohibited. MarketBeaters and the relevant third party shall reserve all rights and remedies available at law, including under criminal law, in order to ensure compliance with their rights in and to the trademarks.

6. Confidentiality

6.1. You agree to consider and treat all of the tips as strictly confidential as soon as they are provided to you and until the end of the sport competition concerned. In this respect, you agree not to directly or indirectly disclose or allow the disclosure of all or part of the tips to any third parties whatsoever and on any other media than the site. The user shall take all such measures as may be appropriate, in order to ensure continuous and strict compliance with this confidentiality undertaking. MarketBeaters shall be entitled to claim damages from the user as a result of the user’s breach of any one of the abovementioned obligations.

7. Privacy and use of cookies

7.1. Definitions
7.1.1."Personal Data" means any information that concerns you as an individual and that you will voluntarily provide to us such as when you create your account or that we may collect while you visit the site, and that, regardless of the nature thereof, enables us to directly or indirectly identify you.
7.1.2. "Electronic identification" data means information created or calculated on or from your computer, while you are connected to the Internet, and that allows MarketBeaters to identify you as a user.
7.2. Personal Data Collection
7.2.1. MarketBeaters collects Personal Data when you create an account and when you order tips or other services on the sites. Some of the information we may request from you is mandatory to make orders. MarketBeaters may also receive Personal Data from commercial partners, who must guarantee that they are permitted to transfer such data to us.
7.2.2. MarketBeaters uses this information to customize the advertising messages you receive, to answer your requests about certain products or services, to inform you about promotions or new offers if you have accepted to receive this type of information from MarketBeaters, and also in order to optimize the site’s operation and efficiency. Finally, some information can be aggregated (becoming anonymous) in order to optimize your use of the site. We also use anonymous data for our surveys and statistics.
7.2.3. Under no circumstances will MarketBeaters share or disclose your Personal Data, unless: You have given us your prior consent to share such data (e.g. for direct marketing campaigns); The law or a court requires us to do so.
7.2.4. Your Personal Data will be kept so long as you use your account on the site, and for a 180-day period after requesting the closure of your account on the site, in order to protect your user details and to prevent other users from using it inappropriately.
7.3. Cookies. MarketBeaters has the right, in order to optimize its service, to place cookies on your computer and to access them. Cookies are files saved on your computer’s hard drive while browsing the Internet. A cookie does not identify you personally but records information concerning your browsing patterns that can be read directly by MarketBeaters servers during your visits and following searches. More specifically, the sites use cookies in order to manage the sessions that You open with your account on the site. By modifying the configuration of your computer, you can therefore decide to accept all cookies, be informed when a cookie is activated or refuse all cookies. You can also destroy all of the cookies stored on your hard drive. If you choose to refuse any cookie offered, you are informed that your browsing experience will be restricted, and will be impossible in some cases. To configure the use of cookies by your browser, please consult the instructions provided by the respective software provider.

8. Miscellaneous

9. Contact